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Trekking:Nepal is the home to world's highest and most beautiful mountains and some of the best trekking trails.
Peak.Climbing: With world's most of high mountains and more than 1300 snow capped peaks in its territory, Nepal has earned the popularity for  mountaineering expeditions. 



Rafting:Nepal's thundering rivers , coming from the glaciers of the mighty Himalaya, provide unmatched thrills for rafting.

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Kanchenjunga Expedition (8586m)

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Kanchenjunga, Peak IX of the Indian Survey, is the most easterly of the 8,000m peaks, standing on the border between Nepal Sikkim. There are a number of subsidiary summits, at least three over 8,000m: the south summit - occasionally called Kanchenjunga II - was given a unique designation (peak VIII) by the Indian survey. The central (between the south and main tops) and west summits are both over 8,400m, the west (Yalung Kang ) having been the specific object of several expeditions. Kanchenjunga's name is something of mystery. One Sanskrit scholar claimed it derived from Kancan Jangha, golden thigh, through quite why this should have been is a mystery as there is no physical resemblance, or any obvious legend associated with the area. Most experts now agree a Tibetan origin, deriving from Kang-chen-dzo-nga which would be pronounced (more or less) as Kanchenjunga. On 19th century explorer claimed the name was given to a local Sikkim god who rode a white lion and waved a banner, believing that the lion was the peak, the banner the clouds or snow plume at the summit. The name remains as enigma.
Elevation: 8,586m
The route: Kathamndu-Suketar-KBC
Best season: Late Sept. to Oct.& April to May.
Program duration: 57 day.
Suggested itinerary for Kanchejunga expedition trip

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu & transfer to hotel
Day 02-03: Prepare for Expedition
Day 04: Fly from Kathamndu to Biritnagar - Suketar (2300m)
Day 05: Suketar (2300m) - Lali Kharka (2220m)
Day 06: Lali Kharka (2220m) - Keswa (1960m)
Day 07: Keswa (1960m) - Mamankhe (1810m)
Day 08: Mamankhe (1810m) - Yamphudin (1690m)
Day 09: Yamphudin (1690m) - Omje khola (2340m)
Day 10: Omje khola (2340m) - Torontan (2990m)
Day 11: Torontan (2990m) - Tseram (3870m)
Day 12: Tseram (3870m) - Ramche (4040m)
Day 13: Glacier Camp.
Day 14: South Base Camp.
Day 15-49: Climbing Period.
Day 50: Cleaning up Base Camp.
Day 51-55: Trek back to Suketar airport
Day 55: Fly back to Kathmandu
Day 56:Sightseeing & Ferewell party
Day 57: International Departure

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