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Trekking:Nepal is the home to world's highest and most beautiful mountains and some of the best trekking trails.
Peak.Climbing: With world's most of high mountains and more than 1300 snow capped peaks in its territory, Nepal has earned the popularity for  mountaineering expeditions. 



Rafting:Nepal's thundering rivers , coming from the glaciers of the mighty Himalaya, provide unmatched thrills for rafting.

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Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia between India and china.View map
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Nepal’s weather is generally predictable and pleasant There are four climatic seasons. View Current weather

Honeymoon Package Tour

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Honeymoons Our Specialty !
What better way to spend your first days as Husband and Wife together in paradise? Whether you desire a relaxing time away from realty or a non-stop adventure, you are sure to have the honeymoon of your dreams in the Himalaya country. Sora Adventure Treks  provide some of the most romantic, breathtaking scenery in the world. Tropical sunsets and radiant waterfalls are just some of the picturesque natural wonders that you will encounter. Luxurious all-inclusive resorts or small, intimate hide aways await your every need. Nepal is better known as the land of colorful cultures, ancient history and wonders of Mother Nature. Nepal is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon. You can scale the heights together in Nepal which is the home to the highest mountains in the world. Every honeymooner is enchanted by this beautiful land and its natural beauty. You can find in abundance wildlife and floral forests, terraced farms carved off the hillside, gushing rivers and waterfalls and the ever-present aura of the majestic Himalayas. The beautiful Nepal has it all - colorful cultures, ancient history and friendly people, superb scenery and wonders of Mother Nature at its very best. You can browse through the capital city of Kathmandu which is a throbbing Cosmo polis where you can spend many an hour enjoying the rush of adrenalin at one of the famous casinos, browsing through the bazaars, Disco, Casinos and shopping malls, and dining at the amazing eating joints.


Alternatively, you can also visit the ancient city of Patan, with its rich cultural legacy; Bhaktapur, the city of devotees; Pokhra, with its gorgeous lake, a take-off point for trekkers, rafters and mountaineers; Chitwan, the wildlife paradise where you can live in the lap of nature or the lap of luxury; Tansen and Gorkha with their panoramic Himalayan views; and Lumbini with its Buddhist heritage. Nepal has a little of everything for that special honeymoon experience.

Spend your honeymoon at relaxing spas, casino, disco, shopping at local craft markets, dancing to Nepali rhythms, Himalaya pony Trekking an adventure safari! Make the honeymoon of your dreams a reality!

 Sora adventure treks & Expedition offers all-inclusive resorts in Himalaya with spa, swiming pool, Pony Trekking, Boating, Jungle Safari packages, as well as small, intimate hotels. A honeymoon in the Nepal can correspond with any budget and any need.

Normally we are serving 5 stars accommodation on honeymoon trips, hotels name and location as per below:

Hotel                                    Name                        Address                               Stars
Hotel                                    Dwarikas                    Kathmandu,                            5 Stars
Hotel                                    Radisson                    Kathmandu,                            5 Stars 
Hotel                                    Hyatt Regency           Kathmandu,                            5 Stars 
Hotel                                    Yak and Yeti              Kathmandu,                            5 Stars 
Hotel                                    Gokarna Resort           Gokarna                                 5 Stars
Hotel                                    Club Himalayan            Nagarkot                                5 Stars 
Hotel                                    Fulbari Resort              Pokhara                                 5 Stars 
Hotel                                    Fishtail Lodge              Pokhara                                 5 Stars 
Hotel                                    Tiger Tops                 Chitwan                                 5 Stars  

Honeymoon Decorations:
Proper decoration is very essential to make any occasion memorable. Honeymoon is the best period of any person's life. It deserves to be well decorated and carefully planned. So it is evident that honeymoon decorations are very important and deserves careful attention.

Honeymoon decoration is determined by the likes and dislikes of the honeymoon couple. Traditionally flowers are the most important part of honeymoon decorations. If the hotel officials are informed about the arrival of the honeymooning couple, then they take care to decorate the room with flowers. Rose petals are sprinkled on the bed to welcome the couple with the happy fragrance of fresh flowers. Flower arrangements and honeymoon floral arrangements are also used to add a dramatic effect to the room. Different kinds of bouquets are also used to make the room of the newly weds look like a flowery haven.


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