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Trekking:Nepal is the home to world's highest and most beautiful mountains and some of the best trekking trails.
Peak.Climbing: With world's most of high mountains and more than 1300 snow capped peaks in its territory, Nepal has earned the popularity for  mountaineering expeditions. 



Rafting:Nepal's thundering rivers , coming from the glaciers of the mighty Himalaya, provide unmatched thrills for rafting.

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Nepal Tourism Year 2011

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The natural scenery, high mountains, incomparable cultural heritage and numerous specialties have made Nepal a well-known destination in the world tourism map with a distinct image of its own.After successful example of Visit Nepal Year 1998, the government of Nepal has decided to lunch a national tourism campaign as “Nepal Tourism Year 2011” in consultation with private sector, tourism entrepreneur and media partners.

The concept of Nepal Tourism Year 2011 envisions harnessing various opportunities and strengths and bringing together the commitment of the government, expertise and experiences of the organizations like Nepal Tourism Board, aptitude and dynamism of the private sector and communities for further tourism development in the country.

Nepal is widely famous for adventure tourism activities among the visitors from around the world. Almost a million visitors turn to Nepal to perceive the miraculous mountains each year. Though, mountains are the prime attractions of Nepal, there are still bunch of things unexplored in the different corner of the country. The unparallel culture, art, landscape, ethnic etiquettes and bio diversity of the country allure thousands of visitors time and again.

Prime objectives of ‘Nepal Tourism Year – 2011’

Establish Nepal as a choice of premier holiday destination with a definite brand image.
Improve & extend tourism related infrastructures in existing and new tourism sites.
Enhance the capacity of service providers.
Build community capacity in the new areas to cater the need of the tourists.
Promote domestic tourism for sustainability of industry.



Achieve 1 million tourist arrivals.
Encourage additional investment on tourism infrastructures by 50%.
Maintain the record of domestic tourism.


NTB (Nepal Tourism Board) will align the following programs & activities for the promotion besides functioning as a secretariat of ‘NTY 2011’.

Promote ‘NTY 2011’ in 12 prominent travel trade fairs in the major source markets like Europe, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Thailand & Malaysia as well as highlight ‘NTY 2011’ highlighted in the country focused programs being organized in Europe, Australia, China, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, and South Korea. These major source markets will be visited by a high level delegation along with Nepalese travel trade, interacting with local media and travel trade for effective promotion.

During the UFTAA Congress, being organized by NTB & NATTA in November 2010 in Kathmandu, ‘NTY 2011’ will be promoted.

Corporate houses in the source markets will be approached and invited to hold meetings, conferences and exhibitions (MICE).

On all the promotional gateways of NTB, NTY 2011 will be highlighted. Private sector travel trade, at home and abroad, will be requested to promote NTY 2011.

Promotional affiliations will be developed with Non-Resident Nepali Associations, Friends of Nepal, International Travel Trade Associations and Corporate Houses.

Artists, mountaineers, actors & other celebrities will be invited for further promotion.

From source countries like China, India, South East countries, Bangladesh and Europe, NTB (Nepal Tourism Board) 300 international journalists will be invited for FAM tour to highlight ‘NTY 2011’ in the international media. NTB is under process in sighing in MOU with international airlines flying to Nepal to promote Nepal internationally.

New posters & related brochures will be designed with a new web-site for NTY’2011 soon to be launched.

Upgrade of the Felicitation Desk at airport making it tourist friendly.

A special focus on Community tourism and Home Stay to diversify tourism movement into potential tourism areas of the country such as in Shree Antu Danda, Basantapur area, Khaptad, Rara, Gorkha etc.

NTB will develop trekking trails in the Mid-Western & Far-Western development regions in association with communities, local bodies and related institutions.

Training programs will be organized in new tourism areas

NTB will review and revise the existing Tourism Marketing Strategy 2005-2020 in line with the targets declared by the government.

Apart from NTB’s above plans, the following plans are also included:

Visa Fee Waived: To allure and draw the highest possible amount of tourists, the Tourism Ministry is planning to waive the visa fee in 2011 for those tourists who visit Nepal more than once during the year 2011.

Better Air Connectivity:
To encourage more visitors to Nepal, the national flag carrier (Nepal Airlines) is going to extend it’s air-service from Riyadh, Lhasa, Gwanjhau, Frankfurt and London into Nepal by the end of 2010. From this March, flights to & from Mumbai, Shanghai and Tokyo are starting.

Infrastructure Developments in TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport):
Various infrastructure developments have been planned to uplift the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). These include; Discounts granted for landing and parking except during the peak hours, construct a Ground Support Equipment Parking Area Extension, implementation of ‘Common Users Terminal (CUTE)’ etc.

Mountaineering: Since mid August’2008, Mountaineering expeditions had been receiving a discount on the mountaineering royalties, this policy will continue for another 5 years.  To develop tourism in Terai, a plan to promote Terai region is also underway.

Promotional Packages: The government is planning to launch special promotional packages in the USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, South-East Asia, Middle-East Asia and neighboring China & India through high level Nepalese delegation teams

Promotional Activities: For the further promotion of ‘NTY-2011’ various international promotional activities will be carried out by the Nepal Tourism Board that includes ‘sales missions’ and ‘road shows’ in the countries where the possibilities of tourism is high. Likewise FAM tour of international journalists to Nepal, high level delegation to different countries to interact with the travel trade and media there.

Tourism facilities: Further tourists facilities will be added with improved capacity of hotels and other required services for tourists as well as creating community capacity to meet the needs of tourist and promoting domestic tourism also.

We very much wish ‘Nepal Tourism Year-2011’ will be a successful campaign in uplifting the Nepalese tourism industry as well as winning new tourism potential markets, enhance a better air connectivity, encourage private sectors for investment in tourism industry including lobby with the government for sufficient budget allocation to improve & expand tourism related activities infrastructures in the existing & new tourism areas.


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