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Trekking:Nepal is the home to world's highest and most beautiful mountains and some of the best trekking trails.
Peak.Climbing: With world's most of high mountains and more than 1300 snow capped peaks in its territory, Nepal has earned the popularity for  mountaineering expeditions. 



Rafting:Nepal's thundering rivers , coming from the glaciers of the mighty Himalaya, provide unmatched thrills for rafting.

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Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia between India and china.View map
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Nepal’s weather is generally predictable and pleasant There are four climatic seasons. View Current weather

Jungle Safari in Nepal

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The Terai belt in the Southern part of Nepal is the prime region for jungle safari trips. The national parks here swarm with wildlife and diversified vegetation.

Royal Chitwan National Park: Located between Mahabharat and Churia range of hills, about 150 kms. Southwest of Kathamndu the valley of Chitwan was the first forest area chosen as Royal Chitwan National Park in 1973. The area with a coverage of 967 square kms was proclaimed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984. A sanctuary for wildlife, Royal Chitwan National Park is the home to more than 40 species of wild animals, more than 450 species of birds and a range of rich vegetation. Tiger, rhinoceros, wild elephant, sloth bear, leopard, wild boar, monkey, deer, mongoose, jackal, wild bison are among the animals found here. The rivers, forest and marshlands contribute the area to be a bird watcher's dreamland. The wide range of birds include. Reptiles such as crocodiles (marshmugger & gharial), python, cobra, turtle and different types of snakes inhabit the park. The rich alluvial soil at an altitude in between 150m-200m, the sub tropical climate give rise to thick greenery in the park. The grassland marked by tall elephantgrass, sal, sisoo, rosewood and accia trees dominate the forest. The mentioned attributes compliment Royal Chitwan National Park as a haven for safari seekers. Normal package trip is for 2 nights 3 days.

Royal Bardia National Park:

Within its spread of 968 sq.kms Royal Bardia National Park boasts of largest and almost virgin terrain in the western Terai. The park is well known as a preserve for tigers. Game fishing, specially of huge mahseer fish is a major additional attraction of this area. More than 30 animals inhabit the park. Among them wild elephant, swamp deer, rhinoceros, black buck are found. As for the reptiles gharial crocodile and dolphin are evident. A range of over 200 species of birds include. Sal forests and grassland cover the vegetation. The park is a haven of pure wilderness. Normal package trip is for 3 nights for days.

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